The pie chart represents the satisfaction rate of the health care system. Among the respondents surveyed, 42% said they are relatively satisfied with the system, followed by 33% saying moderately satisfied and 10% very satisfied. Only 11% of the respondents are rather dissatisfied, with 4% of them very dissatisfied. The survey results reflect the status quo of the health care system. With wide coverage across the nation, many people are involved in the medical safety net, which may explain why over half of the respondents are relatively satisfied or very satisfied with the system. Despite this, there is still room for improvement in the health care system, as evidenced by 15% of the dissatisfied rate. For instance, treatments for some diseases covered by the system are of few options at present. What's more, citizens in different working positions enjoy different quotas. In my opinion, the government should make more efforts to improve our health care system to serve our citizens better.

  • health care system 医疗系统
  • relatively 相对地
  • moderately 适度地
  • quo of ……的现状
  • quotas 指标