Honorable President,

      As an undergraduate of this university, I'm writing this letter to put forward my suggestions about improving students' physical condition which I believe should be deemed as a very important part of campus life. On the one hand, we should arm our students with a stronger awareness of physical health. I think, more lectures and courses on health maintenance and dietary balance should be regularly provided on campus. On the other hand, it is necessary to build a well-equipped gymnasium and more sports facilities near dormitory areas so that students can take advantage of their convenience. I will deeply appreciate it if you can consider my suggestions。

Sincerely yours, Liming

  • undergraduate 大学本科
  • deem 认为
  • maintenance 保持


        作为这所大学的一名本科生,我写这封信是为了提出有关改善学生身体状况的建议,我认为这应该被视为校园生活中非常重要的一部分。 一方面,我们应该使学生对身体健康有更强的认识。 我认为,应定期在校园内提供更多有关健康维护和饮食平衡的讲座和课程。 另一方面,有必要在宿舍区附近建立设备完善的体育馆和更多运动设施,以便学生可以利用其便利性。 如果您可以考虑我的建议,我将深表感谢。