I happened to find a ring in the reading room of the library at our university last night. It's a golden one with a stone on it, and some letters are carved in its inner side. The owner is expected to come to my room dorm to claim it. The dress is 203, building 6. Or you may call 232-323-232. If one comes to claim it by the end of this week, I'll turn it over to the administration office. The owner can go there to get it back then.

Finder, Liming.

昨晚,我碰巧在我们大学图书馆的阅览室里发现了一枚戒指。 这是一个金色的,上面有石头,里面刻有一些字母。 房主应到我的房间宿舍索取。 地址是6号楼203。或者您可以致电232-323-232。 如果要在本周末提出要求,我将其移交给行政办公室。 所有者可以去那里取回.